Regarding Ezzo/"Babywise"/"Raising Children God's Way"......

The information below was contributed by Daintre B., Rhonda P., and others.  I extend my gratitude to them for all of their hard work!  J.

Read the American Academy of Pediatrics Publication on "Babywise".

Compare the advice given by Ezzo with information from medical doctors.

For an excellent and thorough Ezzo information site click here. This page is kept up to date on an ongoing basis.

Dr. William Sears, an advocate of attachment parenting and Christian parenting offers a few thoughts to ponder.

Look at a summarizing article from the Washington Post.

Peruse a statement from Ezzo's former church .

The Ezzo philosophy/following has been described as "cult-like".

Other sites worth a look:

Browse through some excellent articles at "Salon":